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Welcome to Cape Breton…
That's me, surfing below Grand River Falls, Richmond County, Nova Scotia
Call me to find your own little piece of paradise: Ralf P. Meyer, REALTOR®: 1-888-585-5288.
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TalisTours, by TalisPros

Ralf P. Meyer, REALTOR®

My Market: Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada

What is TalisTours, by TalisPros? An informal lifestyle publication that introduces Referral Partners and Proxy Marketers to real estate and business opportunities I offer.

Whose Real Estate and Business Opportunities are featured? Anyone working with me to generate exposure through Referral Partners and Proxy Marketers, world-wide.

What are Proxy Marketers? Usually Brokers that offer qualified inventory to more or less defined target markets, geographically and demographically.

How much do TalisTours cost? Available from no up front cost. Formal Real Estate Listings are not necessarily required, but some limitations do apply.

Contact Ralf

Toll Free: 1-888-585-5288

Mobile & WhatsApp: 902-317-2223

WeChat: RM-902-317-2223

Email: ralfpmeyer@gmail.com


Get organized, prospecting…
TalisTours standardize your graphics packages, either by linking back to existing online content (like brokerage websites), or by using external means to DIY-publish, thus avoiding content restrictions most MLS® and Brokerage websites impose. A CRM formalizes your publishing schedule, thus paves the way towards your very own In-House Online TV Channel for unlimited external communication ability at a fraction of the price. TalisTours, by TalisPros turbo-charge your advertising budget.